About Us

Our Family & Goat Life Farm

Our home and small family farm are located on a few acres in the hills of Oxford, Michigan. A little land, a lot of love and the Grace of God have afforded us the opportunity to raise our girls in the country. As a hobby and way of teaching our daughters the values of hard work and responsibility, bees, chickens and goats have become part of our farm family. We hope you enjoy the products lovingly made by our family.

The Ross Family

Our Extended Family "The Herd"


A female Nigerian Dwarf, our first baby born on the farm and the first kid born to Daisy Mae. Tulip is gentle, sweet and recent first time mother to Bobby.

Daisy Mae

A female Nigerian Dwarf and the very first goat on the farm. She is quiet, relaxed and loving. Our goat life started the day we brought her home. 


A female Nigerian Dwarf and daughter of Rosie. Poppy was born a twin to a little buckling who was sold to a caring farm family in Gladwin, Mi. Poppy is a little spitfire with some major saas.

Rosie Boise

A female Nigerian Dwarf we acquired as a Mother's Day gift from Growing Roots Farm in Lapeer, Mi. Rosie is a good mother, extremely curious and always near.


A male Nigerian Dwarf and with the exception of the Rooster, is one of only a handful males on the farm. Bottle fed as a baby alongside his brother Bandit, Smokey loves attention.


A male Nigerian Dwarf and brother to Smokey. His nickname is "Mi Amigo Bandito". Like his brother, Bandit loves attention and his head scratched. 



A male Nigerian Dwarf with beautiful blue eyes. Although younger, he is challenging Smokey as the dominant buck on the farm.

Lulu Belle

A female Nigerian Dwarf, was the second goat on the farm. Lulu is quiet, gentle and clumsy. Last summer, she injured her leg. We nursed her back to health and now she runs with the best in the herd.