• 21-day Eggciting Adventure: Day 7

    Today is an Eggciting day! Today we candled the eggs! What this means is that we take a high powered flashlight that has a rubber cup on the end that we put the egg in and light it up so we can see inside the egg and see the development. 
  • 21-day Eggciting Adventure: Day 6

    How did your Eggsperiment go? Ours was awesome! You probably figured out you get a pretty fun rubber ball Egg. The girls think they are so neat, but be careful... They can break! Grace broke hers in the sink, so she is working on a new one! Post pictures of your experiment! 
  • 21-day Eggciting Adventure: Day 5

    An eggciting eggsperiment to see what happens when you soak an egg in vinegar for 24 to 48 hours.
  • 21-day Eggciting Adventure: Day 4

    In Today's video we will go over the anatomy of a chicken and touch on the differences of a rooster and a hen. A rooster (Male) has all the same parts as a hen (female) but has larger tail feathers, a spur on his leg to help protect the flock and he stands up really tall.
  • 21-day Eggciting Adventure: Day 3

    Today I would like to introduce you to the flock and the types of Chickens we have here on the farm. We had someone ask how many chickens we have? We have 14 chickens right now in the coop!! We have several different types of Chickens in our coop, In the video we will introduce you to the chickens. But first let me talk a little about each breed we have.

  • 21-day Eggciting Adventure: Day 2

    You may have noticed in the picture of the eggs in the incubator, that the eggs are different colors and different sizes. I personally find this fascinating! Also, interesting that their has been a misconception around healthy eggs from a brown shell versus a white shell!
  • 21-day Eggciting Adventure: Day 1

    Today is the day we started the incubator!  We have been in the coop snatching eggs as they lay them so they do not get cold and they will be viable. I have 2 incubators that we will be using, I did start one yesterday afternoon and the other was started today (March 15, 2020).
  • Joy & Pain - Life on the Farm

    God's Plan - It has certainly been an eventful week at Goat Life Farm. This past Saturday, we suddenly and unfortunately lost our sweet Sunny to pn...
  • All Natural Sweetness

    Spring time on the farm is oh so sweet. Not only do we get to welcome a new batch of baby animals, we get to spend time in the woods collecting mother nature’s sweet nectar.


  • Springtime on the Farm

    As the Michigan winter begins to fade and spring has finally sprung, its baby goat season.