Springtime on the Farm

As the Michigan winter starts to fade and the snow finally begins to melt, we look forward to joys that spring brings to the farm.

The bees will start to emerge from their winter slumber, the baby chicks are huddled together as we restock the flock. The garden planting is planned for Memorial weekend to avoid the risk of frost.

However, spring is especially anticipated and a special time of the year as it brings new arrivals to our herd. It’s baby goat season.

On March 5th at about 2:30 PM Tulip kidded our first goat of the year. A healthy and spunky little buck and the first son of Smokey. He really looks like his father but has his mother's blue eyes. We named him Bobby and he has already found his way into the hearts of a caring new family where he will be headed soon.

Daisy is up next, and she is already starting to show signs that the time is approaching. Will it be one? Will it be two? Will she have a doe or a buck? Only God knows those answers, but it sure is fun to both anticipate the birth and experience the miricale as it occurs.

Our daughters love this time of the year! Baby goats are soft and sweet. The girls love to hold them and see their crazy antics as they learn to walk, jump and play.