21-day Eggciting Adventure: Day 1

Welcome to the Goat Life Farm
21-day Eggciting Adventure

About Us

A little bit about us... We are a small hobby farm in Oxford, Mi. Here we raise and breed Nigerian Dwarf goats and chickens. Our youngest daughter has Eczema and it was suggested to us that Goat's Milk products might help her. We began to use some and it helped! After this success, we began to use our Goat's milk to make different products like soaps, lotions that could be beneficial for others with skin sensitivities. 

Every year in the spring we bring in eggs to incubate in our daughter's classrooms and the kids absolutely love it! With school being shut down, we probably won't get the chance this year, so I decided to do them at home and share this experience with all of you! 

Join us as we embark on a 21-day adventure and learn how we go from freshly laid eggs to cute baby chicks. Each day we will share fun facts, photos, videos and activities that will keep your kids engaged and learning.

Day-1: Incubator Setup

Today is the day we started the incubator!  We have been in the coop snatching eggs as they lay them so they do not get cold and they will be viable. I have 2 incubators that we will be using, I did start one yesterday afternoon and the other was started today (March 15, 2020).

The first incubator has 8 eggs in it including a tiny egg which will be fun to see what happens with that! 

The second incubator has 6 eggs in it.


Inside the Egg: Day1

Here is what is happening inside the Egg today as it starts it's transformation to a chick!

Day 1: The germinal disc is at the blastodermal stage. The segmentation cavity, under the area pellucida, takes on the shape of a dark ring.


Incubator Setup Video

Below is a video of the incubator and how we set it up.


My Egg Calendar

Finally, we have the egg calendar to keep track of what day we are on!Chick countdown calendar

Stay Tuned 

Come back tomorrow to see what we have planned for Day-2.