Joy & Pain - Life on the Farm

God's Plan - It has certainly been an eventful week at Goat Life Farm. This past Saturday, we suddenly and unfortunately lost our sweet Sunny to pneumonia. It was the first death in our little herd in the three years since we started this adventure. It was painful for the whole family, but we know we did everything we could to try and save her and in the end, it was God's plan.

Daisy is Ready - Early this morning, Daisy Mae's water broke and she officially started labor. Daisy has given birth to two kids on the farm on two separate occasions including Sunny and Tulip. Each of her births have always ended with a healthy single kid. However, this morning, something was different. After her water broke, things progressed slowly as we watched her contract and push for far too long. I was desperate to help her and I know that with each contraction and passing minute, the babies and Daisy herself were at risk.

Time for Some Help - After it became obvious that the baby was not in the necessary position and would not be coming out without some professional intervention, we made an emergency vet visit. Almost certain the baby wasn't going to make it and praying for the best result for Daisy, my oldest daughter and I waited in the reception area as the veterinary doctors worked their magic.

The Sweetest Sound - As we sat quietly waiting for news, we finally heard the first sound of a baby goat. We both cried with joy to know the baby made it, now we waited on word of Daisy. Through the walls, we heard the doctors erupt in celebration and wondered, what next? The doctor emerged to inform us that we had not one, but three goats and that Daisy was doing just fine.

Good Things Come in Threes -  It's been one amazing ride this week on the farm. After losing Sunny, our prayers were answered this morning with the miracle of life x 3. We are blessed to be given these moments, all of them, as they remind us of how precious life really is.

Welcome Home - We are thankful and joyful to welcome Trixie, Buddy, and Clover into our Goat Life Farm family. Two girls and one boy. As of this writing, Daisy Mae is still recovering from an exhausting kidding process and we are praying for her full recovery.

Clover Red Rover (doeling) & Buddy Elf (buckling)

Trixie Lamb Lamb (doeline)