21-day Eggciting Adventure: Day 11

Welcome Back Goat Life Farmer's!!

Today let's talk about Pecking order! 

This is a real thing amongst chickens, especially when you introduce new chickens to the flock. Our roosters rule the roost but after them are some pretty bossy hens. I will show you on our video that we have a special enclosure Joe built so we can have the chicks in their just divided by the fencing and they get used to each other much better.

What is Pecking order??

By now most of us are familiar with the term “pecking order,” a colloquial term originally coined byThorleif Schjelderup-Ebbe in 1921 to describe the social hierarchy that takes place amongst chickens. Almost 100 years later we are still using his model to describe the process for determining social hierarchy, amongst humans. The basic concept behind the establishment of the pecking order is that it is necessary to determine who is the 'top chicken,' who is the 'bottom chicken,' and where all the rest fit in between. The establishment of this dominance hierarchy reduces the incidence of intense conflicts. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pecking_order).

All animals have some form of pecking order at play within social groups and humans are no exception. When everyone agrees on what makes one person better than the other, the group functions like a well oiled machine.

In the Egg

Day 11: The palpebral aperture has an elliptic shape that tends to become thinner. The allantois reaches its maximum size while the vitellus begins to shrink. The embryo now has the aspect of a chick.