21-day Eggciting Adventure: Day 8

Welcome Back Goat Life Farmer's!!

Our Friend's CC and Will want to know ... How do Hen's lay eggs?? Great question guys, thanks for asking! 

I found this great Diagram from Discovery, that talks all about how a Hen lays an egg! I happen to have a video of a hen laying an Egg. (Parents may want to look at video before showing little one's ) or else you may have a lot of explaining to do ...LOL 

In the Egg

Day 8: The vitelline membrane covers almost the whole yolk. Eye pigmentation is readily visible. The beak’s upper and lower parts are differentiated, as well as the wings and legs. The neck stretches and the brain is completely settled in its cavity. Opening of the external auditory canal.

Sorry that I got behind! all 5 of us using the internet at the same time and uploading these videos has been a challenge!!