21-day Eggciting Adventure: Day 17

Welcome Back Goat Life Farmer's!! 

It is getting Eggciting here at the farm!! Tulip our goat is due with babies tomorrow and the chicks have started pipping!! How they pip is with an Egg tooth!!

What is an Egg tooth?

An egg tooth is a tiny horn-like projection at the tip of the upper beak of a newly hatched chick. Soon after the chick hatches, the egg tooth falls off. Domestic poultry and other birds share this trait in common with most reptiles.
The egg tooth begins to develop on the seventh day. As hatching time approaches the egg tooth becomes sharp and hard. Approximately three days before the chick hatches, it uses the egg tooth to break through the inner membrane at the blunt end of the egg.
Until that point, the chick embryo has been absorbing oxygen through the shell pores. As hatching time nears, the chick needs more oxygen than it can get through the shell’s pores, so it breaks into the air cell at the blunt end of the egg, a process called internal pipping. From the Cackle hatchery.

At this point you can hear the chicks inside the egg chirping!! its very neat! 

In The Egg

Day 17: The embryo’s renal system produces urates. The beak, which is under the right wing, points to the air cell. The egg white is fully resorbed.


This is getting very exciting!! Come back tomorrow for some more excitement!!